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Integrated Services

Integrated Services

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Customs warehouse and fiscal storage (VAT)

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In 2011 Tuscanlogistics gained the autorization from the customs autorities in charge to operate in its own facilities under the system of Customs warehouse (Type C) and fiscal storage (VAT). . These two services are strategic for those custumers who wants to commercialize his goods under the regime of fiscal suspension, maximizing the profit of each transaction using the most favourable periods to do business.

Customs Warehouse

Customs warehouse allows the storage of goods coming from outside the EU as if they were still abroad, suspending potential import duties and VAT's costs, or any other planned taxation for their free circulation. This specific suspensive regime offers traders some interesting benefits, since it supports trading, mostly transit, and allowing, at any time, the reshipment of deposited goods or their sale on national territory, choosing the most advantageous period from a profitable standpoint. It furthermore gives the possibility of purchasing when the outer market's offer is the most favourable, as well as selling during the period in which the internal or esternal demand is most profitable.

Another importnat facilitation provided by the customs warehouse is favouring the procurement without paying in advance for any customs duty regarding the time of actual release for consumption.

The duration of permanence of goods under the regime of customs warehouse is not subject to any limitation.

Fiscal Storage (VAT)

bonded warehouse
big bonded warehouse

Fiscal storage allows the introduction, transfer and custody of national and community goods without the immediate payment of VAT. The tax will then be payed by the buyer through "autofattura" when he picks up the goods from the storage. It is possible to introduce goods of extra-EU provenance inside the Fiscal Storage, but it has to be firstly put into free circulation; potential import duties and expected obligations must be absolved first.