Integrated Logistics

We add value to your supply chain with our highly specialized logistics services.



Wide range of customized services for handling and transport.

Integrated Services

Integrated Services

We provide a whole range of integrated services to satisfy every need of our customers.

Special Packaging

special packaging
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One of the most delicate aspects of logistical outsourcing is without a doubt the one concerning goods packaging, both in transit and stock for long periods of time. That's why Tuscanlogistics offers a series of custom services to its clients, not only to protect the goods themselves, but also for a correct cataloguing and presentation of the product.

Inside our facilities goods are treated and stored on pallets and, if need be, protected by dust and dirt through the use of a protective film. Special attention is given to fragile or high-tech merchanside, to which our company offers a service of reinforced packaging (where it exists) or wrapping from scratch with the use of polystyrene and every other device needed to protect the quality and integrity of the product by impacts or any kind of accidental damage.

At the request of the customer, we are also capable of classifying the goods through the application of bar or QR codes, or any other kind of label, arranging them for the shipment.

Blister wrapping and flow packs

big flow

For those who need a more specialized service, we are capable of offering a product wrapping through the use of blister and flow packs of any kind, consistent with the hygienical and sanitary regulations in case of an inclusion into food products. Thus, our company can accomplish the entire procedure of wrapping of the goods on behalf of the client, starting from the article inside the box to the shipment of the final product, wrapped in the best way possible, ready to enter successive production phases or to be put on the market.

These are just a few examples of packaging that Tuscanlogistics offers to its customers, and we invite you to contact us to deepen the matters you are directly interested in to.


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