Integrated Logistics

We add value to your supply chain with our highly specialized logistics services.



Wide range of customized services for handling and transport.

Integrated Services

Integrated Services

We provide a whole range of integrated services to satisfy every need of our customers.

Promotional Logistics

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According to the marketplace's development and the rapid growth of the market department, Tuscanlogistics has, for a number of years, activated a promotional logistics offer for those who are interested in outsourcing this service and specialized companies.

Our proposal starts from the entrance in the warehouse and storaging of the promotional product sent by the suppliers, with possible managament of customs clearance regarding goods coming from outside the EU.

Once inside our facilities, we offer advanced services of quality control and goods restore, packaging of promotional kits and placement inside finished product, through special packaging as well.

At every moment, the customer has the complete control over the availability of products inside the warehouse and the stages of processing, with definite schedules and quality.

Points collection and Fidelity Card

One of the typical loyalizing tools is the Fidelity Card, which represents the physical connection between the company and the customer, offering a series of benefits to the latter that traditional customers do not have such as, for example, discounts, gift cards and points collection. Our business is capable of fully dealing with the management of fidelity cards, through services suited for each client, ranging from the creation to the distribution of the cards, integrating with services of post-sale, customer profiling and Customer Relationship Management.

Tuscanlogistics also offers the management, to a various extent , of promotions linked to points collection systems or gift catalogues. In addition to the typical service of logistics and distribution of prizes (Fragile or High-Tech goods as well), we can directly manage the technical task of the promoting campaign, via both Fidelity Card or other ways suggested by the customer based on his necessities.

Another particularly interesting service we provide is the full management of the websites related to fidelity campaigns, with the development of specific private and safe areas where customers can visualize his personal position and possible achievements, 24 hours a day. A satisfied and loyal customer has much more propensity to continue on buying from the same company or place of business, but the benefits of these strategies go even further, giving the opportunity to grab new clientele, attracted by both word of mouth with abitual customers, or by prize campagins.

Totem and exhibiting stand installation

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We manage the stand transport and building services on behalf of the customer at various exhibitions and commercial activities. Moreover, we are providing a service of advertisement totems assembly at places of business, or wherever the customer wishes.

The outsourcing of promotional logistics offers, in addition to obvious savings in terms of time and space, significant costs reductions allowing an optimal management of all those activities that do not constitute its own core business, but are equally strategic in order to enter the market at best.


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