Integrated Logistics

We add value to your supply chain with our highly specialized logistics services.



Wide range of customized services for handling and transport.

Integrated Services

Integrated Services

We provide a whole range of integrated services to satisfy every need of our customers.

Quality Check

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Today's market logics impose the maximization of earnings on companies, while reducing, first and foremost, the price of provision of their wares, whether they are raw materials of finished products. Within this competitive perspective, however, many overlook the quality if the goods themselves, a no less important factor from our point of view.

For this, our business provides an efficient service of quality check of incoming and outcoming products, strictly following the compliance protocol planned with the client. The check is directly carried out by our competent staff inside our facilities, and can be inspected by the customer at any time.

Quality Restore

When required, our offer is enriched by a service of high added value, which provides for the restore, if possible, of the quality of wares not complying with the indicated specifications, removing blemishes and reintroducing them to your supply chain. This allows our customers to save money and, mostly, valuable time, without invalidating the quality of your goods.


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