Integrated Logistics

We add value to your supply chain with our highly specialized logistics services.



Wide range of customized services for handling and transport.

Integrated Services

Integrated Services

We provide a whole range of integrated services to satisfy every need of our customers.

Our facilities

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Thanks to countless partnerships enstablished over the years, Tuscanlogistics has cutting-edge facilities and specialized personnel available in order to accomodate the expectations of the most demanding clients, with professionalism and efficiency.

Our company has direct access to storage and goods production areas for more than 10.000sqm, equipped with advanced alarm and fire-fighting systems, for maximum protection of your goods, both in transit and stock. Among our services there is the customs and fiscal depot's one, completely managed by our staff, even during bureaucratic procedures.

Vehicle fleets

We have a fleet of various types of vehicles at our disposal, which lets us customize the service based on the demands of the individual client, while always keeping suitable and competitve fares. In detail, we offer:

  • Vans (1.6 tons payload) - max. capacity: 4 pallets (80x120)
  • Tractors (5 tons payload) - max. capacity: 18 pallets (80x120)
  • Tractors (9 tons payload) - max. capacity: 20 pallets (80x120)
  • Tractors (9 tons payload) - max. capacity: 24 pallets (80x120)
  • City Trailers (16 tons payload) - max. capacity: 26 pallets (80x120)
  • Curtainsider Trailers (28 tons payload) - max. capacity: 33 pallets (80x120)
  • Lorries (28 tons payload) - max. capacity: 36 pallets (80x120)
  • Our staff

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    Aware of the importance of the human element within the pursue of the perfect optimization of the business management, Tuscanlogistics make exclusive use of the collaboration with employed and specialized staff. Professionality is our flagship and we believe that the complete satisfaction of our client base can only pass through the quality of our partners.